The Method

The Sensible Yoga is a particular Yoga practice that everybody, at any age and health condition, can practice with ease. Carla Baruchello’s SY is a personal and original method originated by 30 years of study and experimentation of Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, of postural technique, physiokinesi therapy reeducation and respiratory rehabilitation.

At the base of Sensible Yoga there’s a deep sense of self listening. It’s a “treasure map” to reach freedom built on the unique experience of every human being. It doesn’t involve only the body, but it creates harmony at every level: physical, mental and spiritual, in a delicate, essential and deep way. The Carla Baruchello Sensible Yoga’s purpose is to reunite body and mind, developing sensitivity through a training of your breathing and your concentration during the physical exercises that lead you to the Asanas (Positions or postures). Breathing and concentration, well trained through time, help developing your consciousness and indicate solutions to your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Sensible Yoga teachers are very concerned with the preparatory exercises and gradually take each student to develop and strengthen his her potential, keeping inminf each individual physical and psycological condition. The Sensible Yoga teacher formation consist in a deep trainging and study af all Yoga aspects, in a three course held personally by Carla Baruchello.