Carla Baruchello, creator of the Sensible Yoga method, organizes Teachers Training Courses with final exams and issue of a Teacher degree
The Sensible Yoga Teacher Training Course is ideal for:
- People wishing to master yoga and its personal knowledge
- People wishing to become yoga teachers;
- People practicing other disciplines (dance, fitness, Pilates ecc.) who wish to know better themselves and their own body

Carla Baruchello will personally hold the courses. To get admitted in a Teacher Training Course, candidates must have been practicing yoga for at least 4 years and they have to pass an admission exam.
The Sensible Yoga Teacher Training Course guides and trains for:
- sensible listening and studying of your own body as a basis for teaching
- studying and working on allignments (postural balance)
- experiencing and understanding breathing, basic breathing techniques and Pranayama (the art of breathing
- deepening and studying the practicing and teaching of the Asanas (Postures)
- study of anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to yoga
- study of the basic yoga philosophy through the fundamental books (Yoga Sutra di Patanjali, Hatha Yoga di Pradipika ecc.)
- experimenting and teaching mental work through concentration and meditation techniques.

The Sensible Yoga Teacher Training Course is a three year course divided into three levels: (basic, intermediate, advanced) relating to complexity of the Asanas, with 400 hours of practice.
Subjects of study are
- Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology of the osteo-mio-articular apparatus applied to the study of the asanas and their benefits
- Postural analysis and rieducation
- Anatomy and physiology of the breathing apparatus applied to the basic breathing techniques (abdominal, through the chest, apical and complete) and to the Pranayama

- Study of books both ancient and contemporary
- Anatomy and physiology of the nervous system (both central and peripheral) and its importance in the Sensible Yoga
- Mental concentration and meditation techniques
- Physiology of the sharp body (Chakra and Nadi).
- Energetic techniques
- Studying and developing of the verbal communication techniques, crucial for teaching yoga.


The Teacher Training Course is organized in nine week ends from September to June. One Summer workshop of one week and one class during the week (to be determined according to everybody's schedule) and it will take place in Rome and outskirts.
Yoga teachers have to attend the sensible yoga method workshops as well..


To find out the dates of the Teacher Training Course, see the list of MONTHLY SEMINARS